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The Analyst Blog Tour

Summary: Character David Heart moves from his hometown to  New York after obtaining a job working as an Analyst for a Wall Street Firm.
David Heart become the target for verbal abusive comments from the firms's head trader, Blackie.  This is very embarrassing and no one on the job comes to his aid because no one wants to be jacked by that dog eat character, Blackie,with the exception of Sandy, a beautiful business dressed woman who had been in that rookie seat and defeated Blackie at his game.  She and David become a team. She assisted David in helping him stand against Blackie as well as taught him the business with a little risky twist.
Naive David is so glad to have someone to take time out to teach him the functions of an analyst that he is unaware that he is a target. Extortion become the game and David is straight in the middle. He must make a choice: facilitate an insider-trading felony so he can obtain the money his family desperately need or face the cruel abusive predator of Blackie, who has framed David and awaits to throw him under the table while the entire company looks on. Can David survive this? Will his childhood theory PERK help him out of this one!!

My Review: Four great characters, unethical, illegal, extortion, greed and Money,  Darn! that's ingredients for a good novel.  Author P.T. Dawkins penned an interesting twist of a story line in the Analyst. The author takes you inside the world of stocks, trades, Investment and sits you right in the middle of the day to day operation of how MONEY is traded. His experience as an investment of the stressful risky world of trades is displayed expertly into this story line.
Each character is well developed and you actually feel they aren't characters in a novel. My reading pace was moderate to a few slow moments. A few pages was just to detail for me, I wanted to get back to the action of the story.  The character of Sandy was typical. The character of Jennifer was surprising, I actually wished things could of turned our better for the character, Alexei only because of his desire to help his family.
The plot was indeed interesting and held my attention well.  Using the legal system or format and pen it with  the risky business of Investment, good characters and a well written plot, you got a fascinating inside look into the world of trading, extortion, and etc.  The author did a good job of detailing the world of Traders and investment without going to far left with the jargon of investment and trades.
Book Cover Design: The cover is definitely a connection to the plot. The male figure with the stock numbers and handcuffs is on point. It piqued my interest. This novel sits on my book shelf as a Darn Good Read.
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Title: The Analyst
Author: PT Dawkins
Genre: Fiction – Wall Street Thriller
Published by: Llumina Press
Publication Date: August 2011
Recommended Age: 18+
Format(s): eBook, trade paperback  ebook $9.99
ISBN 13: 9781605947235
Number of pages: 300

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  3. Felicia5/16/2012

    sidne, did you send the review to our President. We are approaching our month that we read two author that are not A.A. and I would like for us to take a look at this novel.

  4. Kathleen5/16/2012

    This sounds like a novel my hubby would love to read. I'm going to pick up a copy for him. Hope its at B&N.

  5. Heather and the Gang5/16/2012

    I also like this book cover and I would of checked out the summary just because that cover caught my attention. This sounds like a good read for my plane trip to Jamaica. lol. Wish you was going with us!!

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    Sidne, One of the members said you sent out your recommend for the non A.A. books for the upcoming read. I don't recall receiving one. can you provide me with another email. I hope this book was on the list, I like the review.

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    Hey Sid, lol, i know can't help it. I just finished Going Home it was a great read. This novel sounds good also. I'm going to pick it up later in the month. Got to get those Jamaica clothes, hey hey hey!!

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    Now you know I work for the Trade Center so I got to grab this one and see just how on point mr. PK really is. lol. I enjoyed reading the review sidne. will you be taking orders for this novel or are we going to have to purchase our copy?