Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Spotlight-RX Factor

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Five years after the death of his wife and children, Ryan Matthews is living alone with memories of his failed career in cancer research when fellow scientist Jordan Carver catches his eye. Preparing for a move to Mexico, Jordan plans to open a clinic where terminal patients will have affordable access to experimental medication. Despite Ryan’s skepticism on her willingness to bypass the FDA drug approval process, he is intrigued by Jordan’s passion and determination to provide alternative care to terminal patients. But when a violent explosion leaves the small Bahamian island of Exuma on edge, Ryan knows his life has once again been forever altered.Drawn together by circumstance, attraction, and shared ambition, Ryan and Jordan become united in their international quest for the truth. The two embark on an explosive thrill ride ending in Washington, D.C., where the couple unravels the country’s best-kept secret: the government will stop at nothing to maintain the American way of life, with heartbreak and sickness for all.
                                A must on YOUR TBR list Today
I have been asked on numerous occasions how the co-founder of one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the country with a degree in accounting from Illinois State University came to write a medical thriller that goes after Big Pharma and the FDA? Why not write a book about the corruption in the mortgage industry or a thriller about a desperate loan originator? Both of these are good questions and the 2nd one may come to pass someday. However, my current passion is for The RX Factor.
I wrote The RX Factor in the medical/political thriller genre in hopes of exposing my book (and subsequent major motion picture) to a worldwide audience. In my experience, a fictional account that appeals to a mass audience will do much more to generate discussion and debate than a non-fiction book. The non-fiction book would most likely only appeal to those who already held similar viewpoints and preaching to the choir is not my mission.
The RX Factor is a ripped from the headlines commercial thriller that will appeal to audiences around the world regardless of their existing viewpoint on Big Pharma and those politicians who regulate that industry. Anyone who enjoys reading authors such as John Grisham, Dan Brown or Robin Cook will truly enjoy The RX Factor.
Stay Healthy my Friends – and avoid Big Pharma.
J. Thomas Shaw
Read the full story here RX FACTOR
John Thomas Shaw
John Thomas Shaw was born in Quincy, IL, graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, IL and then relocated to Chicago. Following a successful career with a national mortgage company, he co-founded Guaranteed Rate, Inc. which is now one of the fastest growing independent mortgage banks in the United States. He now resides in Southern California with his wife, two children and two dogs.
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  1. Margaret6/21/2012

    this sounds so interesting. Love the trailer.

  2. Caleb Stokes6/21/2012

    Is this book available now? Sounds like a great read.

    1. Hi Caleb,

      The book is available at Amazon, B&N, numerous other on-line retailers and through your local book store.

  3. Tamika6/21/2012

    Whoa,Whoa! There got to be facts in this book. I got to get a copy. Sid will you be reviewing this one also. Dad would love to read this book.

  4. Hi Sidne, This book is right up JB category. Got to get him a copy. Will send him by the page to read. Missing you