Monday, July 23, 2012

Author's Spotlight Monday

When a beautiful 16-year-old girl named Sophie is found sequestered in a cage-like room in a rundown house in the desolate hills of Arbon Valley, Idaho, the entire community is shocked to learn she is the legendary Callidora--a baby girl who was kidnapped from her crib almost seventeen years ago and canonized in missing posters with portraits of what the fabled girl might resemble. Authorities soon learn that the cage was there to protect people from Sophie, because her biological father believes she is cursed.

Sophie is discovered after the man she knows as Papa, shoots and injures Damien, a young man who is trying to rescue her. Now, unsocialized and thrust into the world, and into a family she has never met, Sophie must decide whether she should accept her Papa's claims that she is cursed and he was only trying to protect others, or trust the new people in her life who have their own agendas. Guided by a wise cousin, Sophie realizes that her most heartbreaking challenge is to decide if her love for Damien will destroy him like her Papa claims, or free her from past demons that haunt her mind.

Brenda at Book Signing
Brenda Stanley is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Portneuf Medical Center. She is a former television news anchor and investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate in Eastern Idaho. She has been recognized for her writing by the Scripps Howard Foundation, the Hearst Journalism Awards, The Idaho Press Club and the Society for Professional Journalists. Brenda is the author of four books that have been sold to publishers. Three are novels and one is a cookbook. Brenda is an adjunct professor at Idaho State University in the Mass Communication department. She is a graduate of Dixie College in St. George, Utah and was valedictorian of her class at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She is the mother of 5 grown children, including two sets of twins (born 20 months apart- yes, 4 kids under the age of 2). And she is now a grandma. Brenda and her husband Dave, a veterinarian, live on a small ranch near the Snake River with their horses, sheep, chickens, and dogs.
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Description: perf5.500x8.500.inddTwo for Eternity is a historical as well as a contemporary, fantasy thriller that takes many controversial interpretations of history.
From ancient Egypt and Babylon, through the time of Christ in Judea, spanning the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and through World War II, Raiken and Vrag engage in inhuman battles of will. Vrag pulls the strings of malevolent leaders, and causes endless destruction and chaos. His immortal counterpart and enemy, Raiken, defends humanity and opposes him at every turn.
The stakes have never been higher, as Vrag sets his sights on the destruction of society. The twin brothers battle one last time to settle their score for eternity.

Description: carlheadshotCarl went to Boston University majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Carl graduated with a BS degree, and has since worked in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. He later graduated from Lehigh University with an MBA degree.
His debut novel “Two For Eternity” was released in 2011 by Weaving Dreams Publishing. His novel “Blood Street” will be published by True Grit Publishing in November, 2012. His short fiction has appeared in various publications such as Sinister City, Alien Skin and Glassfire Anthology. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has attended the Penn Writers Conference.
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  1. The Color of Snow sounds like an intriguing read. The premise is certainly different from anything I've read lately.

  2. Interesting synopsis. I'm curious to know how the girl adjusts to the outside world and what the whole 'cursed' bit is about.

  3. Janell7/23/2012

    The Color of Snow sound interesting. I will look this author up. Thanks for the author high light feature.

  4. Mr. C. Walker7/23/2012

    Is this a true story. It truly sounds like a heartfelt read.

  5. Is this novel available as a e-reader. email me Sidne. This sounds like one I can get both me and mom.

  6. Sidne, thanks for sharing "The Color of Snow" with your blog readers. We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for Brenda's book. And yes, it's available as an ebook in all major formats :)