Monday, July 2, 2012

Morgan Hall Book Blog Tour

Description: MORGAN HALL - NEW COVER (2)
Book Summary:  Love never dies, and revenge never sleeps in Morgan Hall… Morgan Hall, a desolate country estate, has been in Lady Christie Morgan’s family for almost 400 years. A family cursed by eternal tragedy, and now Christie is the last Morgan. Apparitions appear, sparking a chain of horrifying occurrences involving Christie and the two men who love her: Anthony Longfield-Lothian and Tristan Ely. A saga of mystery and sordid family history weaves intrigue for the passionate love triangle. Past and present war as the secrets of three aristocratic families unfold - resurfacing in a spine-chilling mystery of passion and lust, ghostly happenings, and blood-curdling murders. Emotions run high as their world spins wildly out of control. Are they all cursed to repeat the grizzly past? Does sweet revenge claim its prize? Morgan Hall.
My Review:
The story setting is in England. A large old scary mansion located in an ancient town. This gothic tale has love, hate, intrigue, murder plots, twist and turns and did i say ghost.  Its the three men and a lady saga done quite well.  Christie Morgan is the lady. The men, Anthony, Tristan and Johnathan.  One of these men loved her unconditionally, another only wants what he can get from Christie and the last man loved her but felt he should not cross that employee/employer line.  which man will win Christie's heart?  Who is murdered?  Where are the voices coming from?  
This a a Gothic read, one I'm not to fond of however, this was a pretty good read. There were a few  parts that I thought was long winded but it didn't deter my interest.  characters were believable. The setting really made for a interesting read for the story line. 
This novel sits on my book shelf as a Pretty Good Read.  Readers of the Gothic genre will enjoy this novel.  
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  1. BeTTie M.7/02/2012

    You sure don't read gothic novels. but you did like this one. great. not to bad stepping out that zone sometimes. lol

  2. BookLadyBeji7/02/2012

    Hey Sidne, girl we are almost done. Its been a long journey. I finally have my laptop on and running. How have you been. You know i had over 30 post from you. So glad to hear from you. Love the thinking of you card too. Now i don't read gothic books but like this review about the book.
    Take Care, we must link up.

  3. LaDonna7/02/2012

    Three men and a lady, like that. This story sounds interesting. I too would have to get out of my reading comfort zone to read this one.

  4. I've never been a fan of the gothic genre either, but I might give this one a go. I'll add it to my TBR. Thanks!