Monday, August 13, 2012

Attorney-Client Privilege Blog Tour

Description: Description: ACPCOVERA brutal murder, missing documents and an unscrupulous opposing counsel lead attorney Vernetta Henderson on a quest for justice—and ultimately—revenge. The hotshot L.A. lawyer takes on a corporation with a long history of discriminating against women. While Vernetta simply wants justice for her clients, the corporation’s hired gun wants to win . . . and she doesn’t care how. On the home front, Vernetta’s infamous sidekick Special has finally found true love. But is the price more than she’s willing to pay?

My Review:  Author, Pamela S. Young has made my list of authors under the category of Mystery Books. This is the second novel i've read by the author and I enjoyed them both.  This novel,  the 4th of the Vernetta Henderson Mysteries, Vernetta goes after a corporation that discriminates against women.  Vernetta is also going up against a rival associate, the sultry Girlie Cortez.
The Characters: Vernetta, a professed Christian, owns her own law firm and plays by the books.
Special T, wants to become a investigator and is thinking of converting to Islam all for LOVE.
Detective Mankowski, Can he keep his eyes off the breast of women to solve a case.
Girlie Cortez, beautiful, turns the head of men whenever she enters a room, A high power lawyer that rarely losses a case, she is 4 cases won against Vernetta, her rival. 
Each character fit well with story line. No lingering characters without a purpose. 
 The mystery was twisted well. with.  My reading pace was moderate with a few moments of Page Tuner effect. .  As a book cover it a hit, i would have piqued my interest in the bookstores. Love a cover that does not always portray a woman in her six year old niece skirt. This novel sits on my book shelf as a 'Darn Good Read!!  


  1. Katrina8/17/2012

    This may sound bad but i have not read any african american mystery novels. i got to get on it. i will get this one and start there. thanks for review.

  2. Would you suggest starting from the beginning of this series or it fine to pick up in the middle? I'm loving the idea of this one.