Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review - Jesus, Mo and Cream Puffs

Jesus Mo and Cheese Puffs   First Chapter Review by Sidne

I enjoyed reading the first chapter and now I want to read the entire novel.
Storyline - A 60's woman plays the lottery for twenty five years and one day she wins.  She rushes home to tell her husband and get him to check the numbers also because she knows her eyes are not as good as they were after the accident.
Flo and Mo decide what they would like to do with the winning money and they pack their bags to take a trip.  This is where the story line turns into a wonderful journey.
From the first chapter the story held my interest. It is a story I would want to continue because the journey appears to be full of Life's lesson and you are never to old to learn.
I recommend this novel as a good read that will leave your heat in good spirits.


  1. Oh my word! you will not believe how unbelievably excited i am to be on yor blog. Its been forever and a day. I hope you are well Syd. I love the sound of the book.

    1. i know WENDY!!! Miss you dearly!!!! I read an article you did and I also did an article on the same topic, the death of the little girl age 8 on her 'wedding' night. That sent the wrong kind of chills to my body.

    2. Yippeeee. O sod it about being down yonder. A kindle or epub will do nicely Sid. thank you so much and I'd love to hear your preaching at my fellowship blog I;ve just started:

    3. Oh,

  2. Anonymous9/14/2013

    Glad to see you have returned lady, No more of this. Already had to deal with you moving now disappearing, NO WAY, next time the national guards of readers will be looking for you. lol.

  3. sounds like a good read.

  4. Shayna9/14/2013

    Miss you my friend. Glad to see you are back. Tried to reach you a few months back. You do know the author Francis Ray passed. I know who knew her.

  5. Chilli9/14/2013

    This books maybe one I'm willing to read. Thanks for chapter review.

  6. Cassandra9/14/2013

    Hey thanks, looking for book me and one of my nursing home pals can read together without be becoming bored with her selections. lol. I'm going to order this one today.