Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Book Trailer - When Memory Fades

When Memories Fade by Tyora Moody (Excerpt)

Must I say more. My preview thought: Definitely on my list of books to be read.
What are your thoughts??


  1. I'm not a big reader, but this book looks like one I would enjoy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Monique11/21/2013

    Hey Sidne, this one sound very interesting. I also read the other one you did a review on so i'm definitely getting this one.

  3. Linda W.11/21/2013

    HI Lady, glad you tweeted me. Yes, i'm going to place this on my list.

  4. Is this novel available for publication. Sidne, email me, I must let Rod know to add it to the store.

  5. Christie11/21/2013

    Sidne, let me know if you are going to do a book discussion of this novel. I'm picking this one up next week.

  6. Hi Sidne, Its good to have you back at what you do best lady!!! I've missed your emails and so have the girls at work. You know how we use to do it. LMBO. so, will you be reviewing this book or is this highlight book choice? Nice touch to add the first chapter too Thanks for the tweet and glad to see you back on deck, book wise, lol.

  7. Darlene11/22/2013

    I have read this author books before. I do enjoy them. thanks for the email blast on this one. Had not heard, then again why would i think I could know this book world before you. lol. don't forget our Sunday call.

  8. Hey lady, definitely going to bring this to our next book club meeting, however, you know we want your review. Can I get it right after Thanksgiving? Kisses and hugs.

  9. Pres. Hailey of Cocoa and Novels Book Club11/22/2013

    I just stopped by to thank you for our wonderful books. It was so good having you back at the ole meeting grounds doing your thing. IT was a blast. I know the author was overjoyed. She kept stating how wonderful everything was. girl, we miss this on Sundays. DAGGGGG, Anyhow, we are enjoying the time you do have to fly back and give us what we know is going to be a WELL enjoyable day. I also checked out the trailer above. Will be back to read the chapters once i'm home. Please send us our email blast on this if you have not already.