Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Thirteen - Granny is 100 years old!!!

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Pick any topic/theme and provide 13 facts!!

Today mine is 
My grandmother 100 year Birthday celebration!!!!
Our family Matriarch 

1.Born: December 13, 1913
2. First African american to own her own beauty shop in Mississippi
3. She still walks, has good vision she  sometimes cooks and will bake for holidays. Her pound cake is the BEST!!!
4. Attends church every Sunday in her Sunday's best and her hat
5. Must go out to eat once a week. no and's,  be's  or but's about it.
6.  Had a huge birthday celebration with 438 family members from both maiden and married name, from over 16 states and 180 + family friends in attendance
7. Received skype conference call from President Obama and First lady, Ms. Michelle during honorary dinner on Saturday.
8. We surprised 4 guest in attendance. They were the grandchildren of the funeral owners of the facility my granny and grandfather first made their arrangements. When they took over the business, they telephoned my mom to see if granny was still living. (she was 86) they telephoned again when she was 91. We told them to not call us, we would call them. lol.  we also flew their parents in since granny knew them better. none of them knew til friday night the real reason behind the trip, they were shocked to see and talk with granny. 
9. The entire restaurant at Sweetie's Pie (from tv reality show) sung Happy Birthday to granny and came over to hug and personal congratulate her and took pictures for our album. (it was such a wonderful sight and the food is GOOOOOD) Not only that but every Sunday as long as she lives she eats at Sweetie Pie FREE!!!
10. Event held in St. louis, Mo. where she currently resides at the Renaissance Hotel near the airport. (beautiful)
11. The hotel upon meeting granny provided her with a suite on their VIP floor free of charge for the entire 3 day event.
12.  On Thursday granny sat with the great, and great grands and recalled a few things about her childhood for instance the cost of things when she was their age: 
bread was .50
milk  .60
gasoline - .8 gallon
kellogg cornflakes - .8 box
chicken - .21 a lb.
soap - .8-10 bar
women pumps - $1.25-$2.00 pair
men pants - $1.90-$5.90 pair
7 room apartment rented for $15-17.00 month
Morris plain home - 7 rooms- $4,200.00 sale price
(did not everyone mouth drop)

13.  While someone was speaking at the mic, he mentioned, granny living til the age of 100 and one of the great, great grand children stood up displaying a shocked face and said, ' Granny is really old, she's pass golden age, she is a CENTURY old!!    

Our family is truly blessed !!!!  


  1. My gram missed her 100th by less than a year. I loved talking with her. She was a walking history book. You are certainly blessed!

  2. Happy birthday to your grandmother! That is fantastic. What a celebration you had, too. You are indeed blessed.

  3. Your family is indeed blessed. Congratulations and best wishes to your grandmother.

  4. She looks great! A what a great recounting of the celebration! I like that she can eat free at Sugar Pie's.

  5. Wow, happy birthday to your granny! She sounds amazing, and it sounds as if it was a wonderful family occasion.

  6. best wishes.. and yes,a wonderful 13 indeed!

  7. What a blessing! Your granny looks fab! *whispers that black don't crack*

    Also, I wish shoes were just $2/pair now.

  8. Anonymous12/21/2013

    Happy Birthday to your grandmother! Where was her beauty shop located in Mississippi? I live about eighty miles southeast of Jackson. Have a great weekend!

    1. little town outside of Yazoo, Mississippi.

  9. Wow! so cool...100 years and still amazing. happy birthday grandma :)

  10. Sidne. I went to Texas to spend Christmas with family and extended family. I just had to show everyone this post. Happy Belated Birthday to your grandmother from the Allen and Williams Family. They are all in awww of her health, looks and spirit at 100.