Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meme - Thursday 13- Gone but not forgotten

Thursday 13
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                            In Loving Memory
13 celebrities no longer with us  
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  1. A lot of talent on your list. Thanks for reminding us. My TT is up.

  2. Anonymous1/02/2014

    So many deaths last year. Some unavoidable (health/age related) while others were just pointless and shouldn't have happened to begin with (accidents and suicide). May fewer people in 2014 feel the need to take their own life.

    Here is my Thursday 13 list

  3. We have certainly taken some losses this year. Some on a global scale.

  4. Nice montage. We had more than your average deaths in our community this year.

  5. A very nice tribute. We lost a lot of talented people during 2013.

  6. Shayna1/07/2014

    girl, don't tell me the uncle banks died, and the other guy girl, I can't think of anyone name, he always playing someone father. When did he die?

  7. I thought the lady from all in the family passed a few years ago. oops, but that other comedian actor, when did he pass. I missed that one.

  8. Pres. of Blue Island Nursing Board Book Club1/07/2014

    Very nice Sidne, oh, I got my novel. Reading it this weekend. Thanks!

  9. Monica1/07/2014

    Hi lady, glad you have returned. I need some books. guess what, Got a few recommends for you. If you have not read them already. check your email.