Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guilty by Association Review

The Jamieson Family Legacy Series is a 3 novel series.
This book was centered around older brother, Kevin 'Kidd' Jamieson.
Kidd and his younger brother, Ace, were raised by their single mother, Sandra.
Kidd and his brother grew up without much knowledge about their father, Samuel.
Kidd has allowed his anger and resentment for his absentee father to extend toward members on his father side too. When his best friend is killed, his mother convinces him to take up his cousin offer to move to the state of St. Louis.  He does and the anger lags with him.  Kidd learns that the Jamieson men are not all like his dad. He witness family values among his male cousins but is reluctant to allow them to become apart of his life.  Kidd also becomes interested in a christian woman. She sense that Kidd has anger issues and don't know quite how to help him or if she should.
Can Kidd bad boy attitude fall in love with this woman, will he learn to forgive his dad to save his own soul?  How long will KIdd allow the hate and resentment of his father invade his personal life? What is his reaction when he is finally told of his dad whereabouts?

Review:  This was a good read for me. It was interesting how the author, Pat Simmons,  mingled family history into the story line. Once Kidd left his hometown, the true essence of the novel begins to sprout and so did my interest.
Characters: Kevin 'Kidd' was that good looking brotha that was street wise with the mannerism that told you he did have a momma at home. He worked and helped his mother with raising his younger brother.
Sandra: Kidd's mom- a wonderful mother working and raising her sons to be productive young men.
Camereon: Kidd's cousin. The first cousin from Kidd's father side of the family to come into their lives. very determined and likable.
Parke- family man with family values. Invites Kidd to come live with him. Always open to help a family member out in need.
GrannyBB- look out Madear!! much laughter from this character.
 The the author presented characters with both strengths and weakness whom readers could easily identify with while keeping the story line interesting. It was refreshing to read about a street wise African American male with negative issues that did not deal with them from a impetus frame of mind.
I must talk Book cover: love this one: a brother in a white tee with a hint of biceps always gets attention, and most definitely a man in a suit always turns heads.The book cover definitely fits the storyline and the protagonist, Kidd.
My first novel from the author, Pat Simmons. I shall seek out the others in this series and other books by this author. This novel sits on my book shelf as a DARN GOOD READ.

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