Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Power of a Plate of Rice

Front Cover

The Power of a Plate of Rice
Ifeoma Okoye

Summary: A Nigerian woman becomes furious when her boss decides he is not going to pay her wages for time taken off because of a hospitalized child.   She decides that she will not tolerate this injustice sitting nor standing and seek her own form of satisfactory justice.  

Favorite character: Cheta: strong willed, courageous, Nigerian educator.
Least favorite: Mr. Aziza: a knuckle head, disrespectful, educated and Cheta boss, 

Favorite line: Cheta replies about being angry:  "Only an angel or an idiot would remain calm in this situation."

I  enjoyed reading this novel.  I will definitely read other books by the author.  I laughed hard while visioning the character of Cheta. How she decided to handle the situation was one great spontaneous moment.  It is something I would of done also. My reflections: How the so called common folks are often mistreated. The overall treatment of the women by men puts you in a disgruntle mood.   IT was good reading.  My rating: A

This story is listed in the book: Opening Spaces: An Anthology of Contemporary African Women's Writings.  The author is Nigerian.

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  1. Love your favorite line! I say the same thing.