Monday, March 19, 2012

Shore Excursion Blog Tour


Synopsis:   Itchy Feet Travel agency located in New York plans excursions for the High Steppers senior group.  Sidney Marsh is the led travel group leader for the High Steppers.  25 High Steppers have signed on for Scandinavia to Russia trip.  Accompany Sidney is Jay, another travel agent counselor who also enjoy traveling with the senior group.  
cover.jpgThe group gets settle on the cruise ship and begin to enjoy themselves. Now the mystery starts. 
First, a suspicious murder. Who among the 25 high steppers is murdered.  Then the noises heard in the middle of the night, someone turning door handles. Another murder. A second murder happens. This alarms the High Steppers. Jay is sent to jail. Sidney decides to become a snooping detective. Sidney becomes the next target. What happens to the High Steppers?  Who is killing the members of High Steppers and why?  Will this cruise be the last trip for the High Steppers? Will it end the business for Itchy Feet Travel Agency?

My Review:  A travel excursion with suspicious murders that involves eccentric seniors made for an enjoyable read.  This novel is light and funny without being a hard thriller read. The characters definitely remind you of seniors right in your neighborhood.  How the author chose to describe each character within the story line was creative, especially since it was twenty-five of them. I enjoyed the travel descriptions of places which kept you in the travel mood while engaging you with a flow of characters who may be suspects to the mystery murders. 
The book cover: Great book cover: death traveling on shore!! and he has a suitcase! I didnt know rather to laugh or be scared. 
mariemoore.jpg Author Marie Moore setting for this book with its location, theme and characters:  cruise ship, suspicious murders and senior citizens is well put together and inventive. I liked the book. Shores Excursion is the first of a series from author Marie Moore, so stay connected because more mystery is coming!  Shore Excursion sits on my 'Pretty Darn Good Read' book shelf.

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  1. hi Sidne. enjoyed reading the review.

  2. Kendra3/19/2012

    I have been trying to stop by your new site since saturday. Must catch up on the reviews I haven't read yet. This one sounds pretty good. Going to check and see if its available on eread yet. I also liked Guitly by Association.

  3. I'm with you, Sidne - the cover draws you in. The Grim Reaper vacations? Gotta love it. Glad you enjoyed Marie's book.

  4. I love traveling and as a home health aide I love my seniors but these, Hmmm, this sounds like a good read. short and to the point my kinda review, Sid.

  5. Margaret3/20/2012

    Hey there Sidne, so sorry you had to start all over again. Blogger should be ashamed of themselves. I just got your email with info. glad we still have our email subscriptions. The group chose two of your books for our March read so we will be seeking out two more for April. You know what we like so send us your suggestions.

  6. Shelley3/20/2012


  7. Aww this would be an awesome read. I love seniors. I used to work in a retirement home and the seniors surely kept me entertained. And the fact that they are on a cruise and in the midst of a mystery...probably makes for some interesting and hilarious situations.

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Following back!

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  9. Patty Gilmore3/20/2012

    This novel sounds like a humorous yet mysterious read. I think I will look it up. You know I like series.

  10. Ashley3/20/2012

    hi Sidne, I'm a twitter follower. caught your tweet on this novel and had to read the review, my aunt would love to take a copy on her upcoming cruise. She reads quite a bit while on the cruise.

  11. Thank you, Sidne, for the great review! I'm so glad you liked Shore Excursion! I think the cover is eye-catching too! I hope that you will follow Sidney Marsh on all her adventures. The next one, Game Drive, is set in Cape Town and on safari in South Africa and it should be out by the end of 2012. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind words!