Friday, April 6, 2012

April Poetry Month, friday 56 and Follow Friday Fill IN

Photobucket1.       I never wear fruited scent lotion and I don’t know why.
2.       In the winter I always sip cocoa by the fireplace.
3.       When I pull my husband business shirt out the closet and wear  I miss him dearly while he is away building celluar Towers. 
4.       I love the way fur feels.

Friday 56

sentence taken from the novel 'Brothas' by 
J.L Whitehead

"They knew he had to replace that money by late today or he be another chalk outline on a North Philadelphia Street"

 He came today and shook my soul.
 And I thought I knew it all. I don’t know nothing anymore.
My whole world, he’s taken hold.
He knows my mind, predicts my moves,
Says what I think before I do. I think he’s psychic see.
He knows the goings on inside of me.
 He’s got my map, the path I walk. Mouths the words before I talk.
He’s counted every breath I take And knows how far I’ll bend before I break.
With me is where he always stays All through the night until the day,
He has my unwavering faith. He is the Lord above.
By Kimberely LaRocca


  1. Sipping cocoa by the fireplace...what a heartwarming picture.

    Happy Resurrection Sunday!

  2. Intense 56! Sounds like an intriguing read.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Interesting 'Friday 56'.

  4. hi sidne, just got my copy of Bruthas. You know we met the author at a book signing but I didnt get it then. (sad face) but i shall start sunday.

  5. That's such a beautiful poem. I've read some Kimberly LaRocca's poems. The book I had, every last poem was amazing. I haven't started The Mind is a Temple yet. I'm glad we're friends, Sidne. You're so special.

  6. I miss having a fireplace. As a kid I loved our fireplace.