Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Recognition of Poetry Month

God’s Glory
Today I had a light turn on in my head.  
It turned on the moment that I rolled out of bed.
It was fallowed by a voice from deep in my soul.
It kind of sounded like it was crying, crying out from a hole.
Then it began to say, “you’ve been here many times before.”
“Maybe this time you will fill me deep in your core.”
Tears began to fill my eyes, flowing out like streams.
I know I’ve heard this voice before in my dreams.
It sounded so familiar, like I’ve known it my whole life.
It cut deep in to my heart, deeper then a knife.
Then I dropped down on my knees and began to pray.
I don’t know why, but it went this way.
Dear lord help me to shed this evil skin that I’ve grown.
Forgive me for all the evil parts of life that I’ve shown.
I know that I’ve said I’ll change, many times before.
But this time I’ve opened up that self locking door.
At that very moment I felt as if I’d been born again.
I opened up my entire heart right there and then.
Now this is just the beginning of a life long story.
I’ve found the thing I’d been looking for it’s, GOD’S GLORY.
It was there all along all I had to do was let Him in.
That’s all it took for so many wonderful things to begin.
Now I’ve got a smile that never leaves my face.
Because of that glory, I’m at the front of every race.
I never thought that this path would lead me here.
But now all of my heart and mind are free and clear.
It feels great to have the Holy Spirit pumping through my veins.
I feel like a flower that comes back to life after it rains.
I’ve got a whole new outlook on life and it’s awesome.
Like a rose in the spring, I’m ready to blossom.
I never dreamed that I could ever feel this way.
I always thought that I’d be walking through life lonely every day.
Now I’ve got the Lord by my side to help me walk in the light.
I have given my life to Him I have given up that lifelong fight.
It’s an amazing feeling to have Him at my side.
Nothing seems to get to rough with Him along for the ride.
Now for those of you who have yet to let the Lord in to your heart,
Maybe reading this poem is just what you need for a start.
This is one of the many gifs He gave me to reach those who are lost.
Kind of like when the sun shines in the morning removing all the frost.
I’ve found the light and I’m here to help you find some yourself.
To start you can take that there Bible and bring it down from your shelf.
You’d be amazed by how many answers you can get by just reading His word.
That’s some of the advice I’ve been given and heard.
Sometimes the signs are subtle and small.
But sometimes they’ll smack you right in to a wall.
So just allow Him to take over your story.
And you’ll start to feel all of GOD’S GLORY.

© 2006 Andy Anselmo Martinez

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