Sunday, April 29, 2012

National Poetry Month- Love and Life

Hosted by Savvy Verse and Wit
Love and Life Poetry

Welcome Everyone from Savvy Verse & Wit and others 

A door has opened up for me. 
Inside that room lives poetry. 
It invites me in, 
Says take a seat, 
And offers me its words to eat. 
It embraces me. 
Then takes my coat. 
Then sings to me 
In special notes. 
It comforts me. 
Says stay awhile. 
Encourages me 
With its warm smile. 
It offers me a place to stay, 
And says Please come back any day.
By Kinberly LaRocca

By Cara G. Stanfield

You're the first thing I think of
Each morning when I rise.
You're the last thing I think of
Each night when I close my eyes.
You're in each thought I have
And every breath I take.
My feelings are growing stronger
With every move I make.
I want to prove I love you
But that's the hardest part.
So, I'm giving all I have to give
To you... I give my heart.

By: Derek James Oberlander

You and me, 
Together forever we will be;
As long as there is Heaven and Hell,
We will always be well;
Every time I look into your eyes,
I know my heart never lies;
About the way my love for you is true,
And for that love of you anything I would do;
When I feel the sweet feel of your touch,
It just makes me want you so much;
Inside my arms,
So I may protect you from all harms;
Even when the world is over,
Only one thing will still hover;
And that thing will always be,
The love between you and me.

Letter L
Romantic CuddlingIt was Love at first sight,
the moment i met you,
sparks flew and brought us,
closer and together;
barely a minute goes by,
without me thinking,
is this too good,
to be true;
i pinch myself from time to time,
just to make sure i am not dreaming,
and not hallucinating all this,
between you and me;
a touch here, a touch there,
a kiss here, a kiss there,
a gentle caress, a playful nibble,
hands all over everytime we are together;
few seconds of leaving you out of my sight,
a frantic search begins, scanning everything and everywhere,
and it stops only when i find you,
standing, smiling and playing with my heart;
your lips against mine,
as we indulge in our sins,
your body next to mine,
entwined in our flame of ecstasy;
in the moonlight glow,
as we drift into deep peace,
tell me baby,
is it Love or is it Lust?
by Preeveen

Your Enticement

By LaChrisa LaTrese Moore 

Like so much wine
You Intoxicate me
Your smile weakens my body
Your voice makes my world spin

My high is heightened by your touch
My obsession for your wide brown eyes
Traps me in my stand of stillness
And just like an inmate I am your prisoner

I am a fiend -
Waiting to cop every ounce 
Ounce of your goods
Down to your last ounce of intimacy
They say time -
Only time can heal a drunken body
For it is not my body but my soul that is drunk and -
Being without you is like drinking Tequila with no lime

Laying dazed
I am amazed by the presence of you
Enticed by your scent of masculinity
I am pleased with the satisfaction you present me

Delirious and out of control
I need to feel your presence upon me
And together our love will forever hold
A feeling and promise made anew until eternity

Questions -
I have none, but doubts
At times there are some
After your kiss I am without

I am surrounded by images of you
Presumptuous about the night before
One more ounce-deja vu 

Like so much wine
You intoxicate me
Like the poisoned grape of the vine
Its just the inebriated love of thee.

MY DREAM, MY LIFE by Moe Mayberth
On a cold winter morning
with the winds howling in the dark
I make my way out into the wilderness
danger everywhere
beasts prowling in the dark
hungry for more prey appetite with insatiable
stumbling into the dark 
pitfalls and danger all around 
I crawl out of my home 
into this dark, desolate forest
darkness all around
sunlight trapped high above the ground.
Life was tough
life was hard
the journey had been chosen by
men and women before me
the path is the same,
individual being different
it was easy as pie
travel the same path
hop onto the bus that comes along
and go where it takes you
get down when its your turn
I wanted it to be different
I wanted to live life
enjoy it every moment
enjoy it even if its for a minute
stopping midway I turned around
walked into the forest
wanting to live my life
I sat out to make my own path
the pathe may not lead to riches
the path may not be easy route 
but i dare to be different 
taking one step at a time
I march on
towards my dream
my dream
of life
my happiness
my path
join me if you want 
for the journey just began
and the path is still being carved out

WAR OF LIFE by T. Halbach
walking barefoot 
in this sweltering heat 
i am searching for a place 
i was searching for nothing 
when you came in 
on a sunday morning 
coffee in one hand 
newspaper in other 
you brushed past like the early morning breeze 
and gently whipped up a storm in my cup 
unable to steer the boat 
caught in the eye of the storm 
i crashed down like a pack of cards 
into your waiting arms 
they say time flies in love 
and before we knew it 
it was all over 
how can i still believe 
we are in love 
when my bed is no longer mine 
how can i still believe 
you love me 
when his scent still lingers 
on the side of the bed 
walking barefoot 
in this sweltering heat 
broken into a thousand pieces 
scattered all over 
i am searching for a place 
to rebuild myself piece by piece 
when the fears subside 
and the wounds are healed 
when only scars remain 
and no one left to blame 
i will be the long forgotten soldier 
coming home to fight 
yet another battle
in this WAR OF LIFE

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  1. Thanks so much for participating. I've added your link to the tour schedule and the shared it on Google+ and Facebook.

  2. Amanda5/01/2012

    I liked the poems you presented. Tried to get by here sunday but was busy. i also checked out those from the A-Z challenge, great choices.