Friday, May 18, 2012

Invisible Enemies Blog Tour and Friday Meme's

Book- Invisible Enemies
Author- Lynda Brown
Reviewer- Sidne, The Book Club Reviewer

Favorite Line: She said to the congregation:" when she finally reached rocked bottom she called out for Jesus and he answered here!  
Sentence Teaser: I don't know mom, "these are church people, she may not be into this New Age stuff you guys are into." 

Summary:  Ruth and Leroy Harris are an average working couple. They have four children. Two high school girls and elementary aged twins.  They attend church every Sunday and pay tithes.  They are faithful members of their church but lack a personal relationship with God. Ruth and Leroy meet new friends. These friends provide Ruth and Leroy with new jobs that increased their gross income. Soon they left their church and became members of the church of their new friends.  Next, their children were being attacked. Then Ruth and Leroy became enemies toward each other. Their daughters falls in love with the same man, one marries him and have children, the other plots to destroy her sister. The Harris household is being invaded by  evil spirits.  And these demon seeks to end lives. Who among the Harris household is going to survive, will they find their way back to the church in time to save their lives?
Characters: Ruth and Leroy Harris, married with four children. Ruth once employed as a assistant executive housekeeper and Leroy worked over 20 years at Ford Motor Company.  Abbey, daughter, a profess Christian, love singing in the choir and attending church.  Candace, another daughter, was very, very smart. She did not care for attending church. became a tutor to Randy and has a serious crush on him.
Randy- solicits Candace help to tutor him, seeking the opportunity to get to know her sister, Abbey.  
Melena and Richard Nelson- new friends of the Harris family and members a New Age Church.
Azazel & Anaka-Satan demons. Gabriel, Phanel & Raphel - heavenly beings.
Theme: Whatever life throw your way, If you allow God to take control you can overcome it. It dosen't matter what you have done, he can use you. The authors wants readers to read about a church that embraces and uses the power, authority and dominion that Jesus died on the cross to restore back  to the church. She wanted readers to believe that their are churches that don't stand for shenanigans in God's house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Book Aesthetics- The book cover displays a couple which could be one of the sisters and the man they fell for. Its good to me but I would of wanted a deeper picture after i've read the book. However, the picture and title was enough to piqued my interest along with the synopsis.  

The author, Lynda D. Brown really laid the pen and stirred up a story line that out right emphasizes the works of Satan and how our secular pursuits allows the devil and his demons to stir up chaos in our lives when we are not protected by the Supreme Being, God the creator. 
The story line was GREAT!! The author's prologue is taken from the biblical story of Job. Then the story line sets in motion Satan seeking to destroy the character of Job played by one of the characters of the book.  
The best part of the novel is how the author placed the demon of Satan and Angels of God in the story line. Readers gain a better understanding of the powers of Satan and his deception, lies and manipulation. Readers also witness that God is always amidst us waiting for his people to just call on his name for help.
This novel was an all night read for me.  The story has religion, the occult and a little history on one of the most provocative powerful societies today, Don't get the information confused with this being a Christian fiction book, its characters may be, its plot may be but the elements of good versus evil, God versus Satan is real as you reading this review. 
My reading pace was moderate to page turning. I definitely wanted to know the results of each character.  The author theme for the book was well accomplished although I personally don't believe the powers that God gave to the church was restored when Christ died on the cross because I don't believe the power was jeopardized, but that's another story.  If you really seek to gain understanding of the powers of Satan, read this book. This book genre is supernatural thriller and the author writes Science fiction too, well this book is just plain ole Christian Fiction at its best.  This novel sits on my book shelf as a Page Tuner and  Deep In My Soul. 
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Book Blogger Hop

How many books do you own? This can include books in your to-be-read (TBR) pile(s) and books you have already read that are on your keeper shelf.
Oh, dear, Wild. I moved from one state to another a year ago. my family counted my books which was placed in bins, I had forty large bins. not full to stop because of the weight. They reported 525.
I was just counting my books i've gotten here since being here and its up to 133 hard copies and 154 on my kindle. I am still awaiting til the day my NEW READING LOUNGE is ready.  My husband finally sat down and designed it according to my instructions and i'm so geeked. LOL!!


  1. Mz.BookLady5/18/2012

    I got to read this novel. are you ordering?

  2. Oh, this sounds like its a good conversational piece. yes, i would like to order for our lady's chat night Sidne. call me.

  3. PassionReaders5/18/2012

    Say What!! We definitely want to read this one. Sidne, can we skype you for our facilitator. you know we enjoy your company and you host so darn well. call me.

  4. Glenda5/18/2012

    I have no problem reading christian fiction however if the author is doing just to much as in being preachie, (i know you don't like that sid but you know what I mean) then i may have to pass. It does sound like a great read for mother. i might have to get her and auntie a copy. Do you still order for us and we can pick up at the bookstore? hit me up

  5. Lanaire5/18/2012

    Why was we discussing Satan and demons yesterday on the job. It was an intense conversation but everyone respected each other opinions. I would love to read this novel.

  6. That's pretty awesome that you have so many books. I don't buy books very often. I usually check them out from the library.

  7. Great book collection! I told my husband that when we buy a house he'll be designing and building a library for me. Thankfully, he loves the idea!

  8. How fun to have designed a reading lounge!!! Sounds wonderful! I'm a new follower back! Thx for hoppin' by my blog!!

  9. Anonymous5/20/2012

    I have never counted how many books I own, but am having my room decorated at the moment and my books from there filled over 6 boxes so a fair few I would say.

  10. I have never really counted how many books I have, but it sounds like you have your very own library. Awesome :)