Friday, June 22, 2012

Blog Tour-Patchwork of Me by Gregory G. Allen

A product of the foster care system, Sara Butler spends her early thirties hiding from her past while striving for a normal life with her small group of quirky friends in Arizona. Seeking treatment for an invisible rash and abnormal dreams, her therapist helps her unlock a heinous past that she is unsure she wants to open. To patch her life back together, she realizes she must travel across country to Maine to confront that past in order to plan for a future.

What others are saying about this novel:   
"Patchwork of Me, Gregory G. Allen’s poignant new novel about a young woman searching for her identity, captivated me! Masterfully drawn characters – a damaged female protagonist and her fascinating, wonderfully generous “gay mafia” friends – bring an edgy, heartbreaking reality to this gripping journey across the country and into the past. But it’s Allen’s wisdom and insight – the hopeful message that it is up to us to shape our life and our future – that truly makes this book special. With Patchwork of Me, Greg Allen has made my short list of favorite authors!"
– Terri Giuliano Long 
Author of In Leah’s Wake

"A page-turning, thought provoking, and addictive tale. Allen’s vivid characters are rich and real and thoroughly enjoyable."
- Spencer Seidel
Author of Dead of Wynter 

“Allen weaves an intricate tapestry of characters, successfully transporting the reader into his world...a compelling read.”
-Joanne Huspek

“It's a kaleidoscope of unexpected twists and turns, emotional and psychological. It's soul-searching; self-discovering, humorous and romantic ... it's a Patchwork of Me!”
- Arthur Wooten
Author of Leftovers

"This book is for anyone who treasures friendship, asks big questions, looks for the truth, or simply enjoys a great story." 
- Pamela Milam, MA, LPC
Author & Columnist

My PhotoThe Author:  Born and raised from the Lone Star state, Mr. Gregory Allen

gave his  first performance on stage at 5 years old. He writes that he knew then that he had a love affair with the arts and storytelling.  He began writing short stories and scripts by elementary school - all relegated to a drawer deep inside my old spiral notebooks. That love stayed with him through elementary and high school. Mr. Allen produced three musicals while in high school.
Five years ago, he branched out from music and concentrated on short stories and poetry. He's had a dozen poems and short stories published while expanding his writing into novels.

This session courtesy of authors webpage @Gregory Allen
Question: What type of writer is Gregory G. Allen

Gregory G. Allen is not an author to be placed in a box and told he can only write in one specific genre. He is drawn to a multitude of themes that are displayed over many topics: Abandonment, Addiction, Autism, Divorce, Foster Care, Equality, Religion, & Sexuality to name a few.

How people 'cope with' and 'overcome from' adversity in their lives is the common thread. No matter if they are adult books that are controversial and for adult eyes only or calling on his background in children's theater and writing for young eyes - he wants to create stories that show how someone can persevere and use tenacity to make their own personal journey.

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  1. Shawna6/22/2012

    This sounds DEEP!! Will you be reviewing this also?

    1. I am placing this one on my list Shawna.

  2. Daphane6/22/2012

    What an interesting story. The trailer is very good.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me here today! Really appreciate it. Spending the weekend in Maine signing copies of this "Maine-themed book". Happy Saturday!

  4. Carrol6/24/2012

    I definitely want to get a copy of this novel.

  5. BeTTie M.6/24/2012

    yep, its Sunday and its brunch time. I am finally going through my blog roll. You got some good reads listed here. I have found four books so far. my limit is 5 every two months. I'm doing good with that little tip you shared. Hubby likes it to. LMBO.

  6. This looks really good and interesting. Will have to check it out. Thank you bringing it to my attention!

  7. Thank you all for the responses on the story. Would love to hear your thoughts after you read it. Drop me a line on my website or FB page. :-)

  8. I love this cover and it sounds like a great read. Sounds like a lot of tough issues but definitely sounds good.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Tough issues, but dealt with in a way that does not come across too heavy. Her friends definitely lighten the mood. :-) Hope to hear from you after you read it!