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My Summary: The setting in this historical romance novel is set in the 1920s in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The segregated Greenwood District is located in Northern Tulsa.  The African Americans that reside in this community are very well off citizens. Most of the A.A. own their own business or hold employment in careers not looked upon for A. A. to have during that era. 
Accusations of rape and racial hatred stirs up the community and the White Glove Society seeks to destroy every successful A.A. family. With the social and political tension on an uproar, the romance between Billy Ray a pharmacist and Bennie, a teacher becomes strained but Billy Ray is determine to make their love last forever.   Can he if he goes to jail for the crime? Will this black Wall Street community survive the tension, hatred and backstabbing that threaten to rip this community apart?
My Review:  The author, Marlene Banks, has done it again.  I'm so loving her novels. This is the second novel I've read by the author and she is becoming a favorite, favorite. Historical romances has never read so divine as in her books. Its romance without the erotic grit of some novels for those that don't care for such. Its historical for those that enjoy reading a little about the past era's. Intertwining them together with amazing plots  will definitely make this author a favorite among Historical genre readers.
The characters:  Billy Mathis: The kind of man every woman desire.  successful, good looking, considerate, nicely built, intelligent. Respectful. son of a preacher
Bennie - Only daughter of a rich oil family.  A teacher by profession. Intelligent, Christian, What's in her pass that hinders her from loving a man again? 
Ethan - An attorney that may have went to far as the White Glove Society sees it.
Maynard - The radical Caucasian attorney: Has he made the Hit List of the White Glove Society?
The Book Cover - The author did it again with a remarkable book cover design.  Its a definite connection to the story line. The picture kinda remind you of one seen in your grand/great grand parents album. Loving it!
Write it down: Marlene Banks, Historical author.  She has already penned two great novels. Watch out for her, she's coming through and earning the rights to the RED Carpet among Historical authors.  
This novel sits on my bookshelf as a DARN GREAT READ!!

MARLENE BANKS resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a prolific writer she has an associate degree in Theology from Rhema Bible Institute in Keysville, Virginia and is currently pursuing studies to initiate a Christian counseling ministry. Marlene is a member of Bethel Deliverance International Church in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. Her work resume includes forty years in nursing and business.
A divine gift of storytelling with her unique voice and love of Christ creates engaging and inspirational novels. She considers her fiction writing an avenue to communicate the Gospel and Christian principles. It is also Marlene’s goal to bridge the gap between faith-based and secular literature. RUTH’S REDEMPTION is her first release and SON OF A PREACHERMAN is her second.

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  1. Hi Sidne, shhh, at work and decided to check you out. hey, i haven't gotten this review yet. It sounds good. I enjoyed her last book. As a matte of fact I need to purchase a copy for my aunt. This definitely sound like a winning READ.
    gotta go, lol.

  2. Naturally Kinky6/18/2012

    This sounds very interesting. I would love to read this one.

  3. Nurses of Blue Island Bk.Club6/18/2012

    What she has another novel out already. I really enjoyed the first novel, Redemption. SId, order for the group please. call me.

  4. I agree with the commenter above. This author is putting them out quick. The first was a darn good read. I'm going to go with you Sid and make this our July book read. oh, we need a Memoir. Got anything New? Must be A.A. this round.

  5. Lanaire6/20/2012

    I just finished reading 'Redemption'. got your email on this novel and could not believe the author has come out with another one what seems to be fast. Now the first one I enjoyed. This one sounds like a good read. I love her choice of book covers. I must get this one too. Sid, I may have to have this one over to granny's if you know what i mean. already bought 7 this month alone. lol.

  6. Just read your Email. I had to come by and read what was next from the author and so quick. the answer: Tulsa Okc. lol.

  7. The story was in Tulsa Ok. had to return after reading email again.