Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why I love Wednesday Meme

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Today's proclamation of love is Favorite Authors

Brian Smith

I first met this author through a good blogger friend, Cheryl Francis of Black Diamonds Reviews.   Her review of his books really stirred my interest.  I later contacted the author and he sent me his latest book for novel. BABY Bye (meaning this book was on POINT, a best read)  

The book was titled 'Deadbeat".  
IT was one of the best reads I read that year.   I later read another of Mr. Brain Smith novels.  I too enjoyed it.  He has definitely made my authors List.  Mr. Smith is also the owner of Hollygrove Publishing.  He also is one of the male authors of Kings of Literature.  I personally met Mr. Brain Smith at the Houston Book Fair in 2011.  
Yelp, to early in morning to go get camera to post pick, sorry. However, on a good note. You want a good read, select one of these and you Will not be disappointed.

 I'm also making two of his books my selection for my new summer book giveaway titled 'Share My Favorite Book" Giveaway coming soon.

                                     The novels I read and recommend.  
                                         His latest Novel is

YOU Must make this author, Brain W. Smith apart of your reading enjoyment


  1. PassionReaders6/13/2012

    I love me some Brian W. Smith and thanks Sidne for suggesting his novel, Deadbeat to us.

  2. Michanna6/13/2012

    I knew you would of chose him or any other of the main five. I myself enjoyed all three of his novels written. Will you be reviewing his latest novel soon? hit me up.

  3. Chitown Lady Readers6/13/2012

    Girl, We'll still talking about Deadbeat. We are still talking about how you facilitated our book club. That was the most fun we have had, We miss you Sid. We would love Mr. Smith as a guest also.

  4. I must look into this author. Surprise I have read any of his books. How did that happen Sid lol.

  5. EssenceLady6/13/2012

    I have not read Dead beat yet. I have read Differences and Beater. Enjoyed them both. I'm going to purchase Dead Beat this month.

  6. ok Sidne, I think you need to host another Men and Marguarita rendezvous literary event and Make Mr. B. Smith the guest, I'm just saying, lol,lol,lol.

  7. Janell6/13/2012

    You surprise me then again NO. But honestly I would of thought of someone else but I do know he is one of your favorites.

  8. Wow I've never heard of this author before. You've given me something to think about and I'll have to look further into his work.

  9. Naquel/Book Reviewer6/14/2012

    hey Sidne, missing you some terrible (sad face) YES, I agree, Mr. B. Smith is off the DOME. Love his books and DEADBEAT is my favorite.

  10. Iheart2RD6/14/2012

    I took your recommend read of this book and it still stir emotions in me. It was a very good read. I loved how the author twisted the title. I've also read one other and enjoyed it also. i'm going to go get this new one or should i wait on your review just in case. lol.

  11. Thanks for introducing me to this author Sidne. Though I'm not reading much right now, I'll be sure to add him to my list so I can check out something that he has written. You definitely have me interested after you said that it was one of the best books of the year.