Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Trailer Spotlight

Trailer Spotlight is:

Great Story line, Intense Trailer.
My review: Son of A Preacherman   
Author Marlene Banks is scheduled to be a guest on Sunday's with Sidne, so stay Tuned.


  1. Queenie7/19/2012

    Whoa, this is intense. got to get the book.

  2. I love the trailers by this author. Please email me the date of the show, I can finally tune in now that you have changed your days and time. GREAT!

  3. PassionReaders7/19/2012

    I can't wait til the books get in. WE thank you for ordering them for us.

  4. Taylor Mathis7/19/2012

    Everything was great in this trailer. I love the voice. This should be a movie. I'm going to get this on my kindle but i think i want a hard copy too.

  5. Veronica7/19/2012

    Both Trailers are great!!! Both of her novels should be a movie. where are the producers at when we need them!!!!!!

  6. Cynthia7/19/2012

    Love it, so intense. Wild, can't wait to read the novel.

  7. Mr. C. Walker7/19/2012

    Thanks for inviting me over to your blog. This is a great trailer. Love the idea. I shall definitely look into it.