Friday, August 17, 2012

Unresolved Issues /Wanda Campbell BookTour

Title: Unresolved Issues
Author: Wanda Campbell
Genre: Christian Fiction

Summary: Staci and Derrick fell in love during college. They both are devoted Christians and have been married for one year.  For Derrick having a child is very important.  Derrick has been so absorbed with having a baby, he disregards the emotional pain he is causing his wife.
Lately Derrick has become emotionally disturbed, Staci is worried about him. She loves her husband dearly and tries to talk with him. She decides to be patience and pray for her marriage and as well for her husband.  One day Derrick walks in  and packs a suitcase and claims he needs space, Staci falls apart.
She is now the Scorn woman.
As Derrick tries to deal with unresolved issues, Staci has decided to move on and Malcolm may be exactly what soothes her pain.  Meanwhile Derrick is setting things up to return home and become the husband his wife deserves.  Is Staci to bitter?  Does Derrick decide to move on when he see his wife in the arm of another man?   Have their issues over taken their love for Christ to the point of neglecting their vows?

My Review:  Thumbs up to author, Wanda Campbell.  From the beginning to the end this book had me hooked. This is the type of novel i term 'character talking'. When you are so absorb into the story line that you begin to talk out loud to the characters. Yelp, this is one.
 Every character in the book was believable. The characters was well written into the story line. Very balanced. (true to whom they was written to be)  My favorite character was the mother, Alaina.  She was  caring, but stern. She was gentle when needed but honest regardless of the situation.
Plot: The unresolved issues in the novel definitely made for an interesting read. The author definitely displayed her writing style and creativity which resulted in a great plot. I've never read a novel that covered the issues from the perspective the author presented.  The plot was great!!
 My reading pace was moderate, then it became a page turner then an all night read.  When i thought the story was winding down,  I would look to see how many pages was left, and couldn't imagine what else could be in those pages since i thought i was nearing the ending, and BAM the author opens another issues and the plot thickens. The novel is titled Unresolved Issues   GO out and get this novel. You will enjoy it!!  yes, I recommend this novel to book clubs. This novel sits on  my book shelf as  A DARN GREAT READ!!


  1. Twilight8/17/2012

    I want this one sidne, are you placing orders. please tell me you got this one at the bookstore. lol

  2. Candice8/17/2012

    Was this the novel you was reading when i called and your daughter said, she's reading and have the' Disturb me if you want' on the door knocker. lMBO

  3. Saundra8/17/2012

    Is this one out yet, I don't see it listed. call me, i'm purchasing only two books today. i just got the others in last week. i finished the first one. it was darn good, Ruth's Redemption.

  4. Sidne, give me a call. I want to host one of the events you've done since we no longer have you here to do them. please come Home. lol,lol. oh, my novel came friday, girl i finished it already. it was so good.

  5. Thanks for hosting the tour. I'm glad you enjoyed Unresolved Issues; can't wait to discuss on of those BAM moments with you.

  6. Melinda8/21/2012

    okay, Sidne, I went by your uncle bookstore and he said you have not told him of this one yet. please call him, you know he likes giving us a hard time. we putting this one on our reading club list.

  7. I'm looking this one up at i read the review.