Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Betrayal Review

The Betrayal (Precinct 11)
Boone Drake the protagonist is a cop in Chicago. During a drug sting he is shot and it appears that the operation may have had a leak.  Boone is faced with betrayal and treachery in friendships, relationships and even among the "brotherhood" of precinct 11. Someone thinks his cop girlfriend may be the 'inside' leak.

This novel started slow for me. Then a few moderate reading moments.  It is a well written novel, somewhat a good twist. I didnt like that I figured who the culprit was way before the end of the novel.
This novel lacked character development in the protagonist, Boone. I was looking for a more direct spiritual link in the novel and it seems like it was placed in last as a last minute thought. The book is classified as a Christian fiction. I did feel like part of the theme was spiritual discipline is needed for christians to sustain. On my reading book shelf as a Pretty Good Read

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  1. Sounds like the underdeveloped characters didn't run the read for you. Nice review.