Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Why I Love Wednesdays... Favorite Chunksters

Reflections of a Bookaholic
Midnight: A Gangster Love StoryOne chunkster I've read and somewhat liked was MIDNIGHT.  Midnight was the name of a man from the highly acclaim novel, Coldest Winter Ever.  This book was over 500 pages, close to 600. I thought I was going to faint when the book arrived.  I actually won it here among our book blog community, HEY, HEY!!!
The book took readers back into the life of Midnight.  Everyone expected it to be a sequel but it was actually a prequel. That disappointed readers. However, the book was a ok-good read.
What i couldn't figure out was why it was called 'A Gangster Love Story'. There is nothing gangster about Midnight.  Then again he was a killer but not a gangster.
I thought the book was a long read just to cover a person life only til the age of 14. ghezzz.  There are some loop holes missing.
 A let down for those that was looking for something better from the author of one of the hottest book ever: Coldest Winter Ever!!!  It was enriched with culture and values of the Sudan people. As I was reading somewhere toward the middle I kept hearing Sister Souljah voice and not Midnight's.  We all know her political stance. Some readers feel she degrade African Americans.  I on the other hand agree with some of her viewpoints not all.  Again, it was an ok-good read and I placed  it on my shelf as a Darn Alright Read.


  1. Haven't read anything by this lady yet, but I know of her. I like books that deal with culture, etc. so this sounds interesting. Still, 600 does indeed sound like a lot to handle.

  2. You know I had no idea that Midnight was so thick. I had no idea. LOL! For some reason I thought it was like 300 pages. I have it on my TBR list. Great pick!

  3. This book was underwhelming for me and I feel like there were continuity issues with the first book. I wasn't interested enough to compare the timelines. It was a little preachy to me. I think the first book benefited from the street lit craze = having a young black female main character when there weren't as many like her.

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  5. I was disappointed with Midnight as well. He seemed to be nothing like the young man in CWE, and the book really did put down and play on stereotypes of AA people.

    While it was interesting, I had issues with the book.