Sunday, November 11, 2012

Voodoo in My Blood -Book Spotlight

Description: Voodoo5
Book Spotlight

Born and raised in Haiti to a family of healers, US trained physician Carolle Jean-Murat came to be regarded as a world-class surgeon. 

But her success har­bored a secret: in the operating room, she could quickly intuit the root cause of her patient’s illness, often times knowing she could help the patient without surgery. 

Dr. Jean-Murat knew that to fellow surgeons, her intuition was best left unmen­tioned. But when the devastating earthquake hit Haiti and Carolle returned to help, she had to acknowledge the shaman she had become.

This mesmerizing story takes us inside the secret world of voodoo as a heal­ing practice, and sheds light on why it remains a mystery to most and shunned by many.

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  1. Can;t wait to read the review for this one.

  2. Have you sent your review of this one out on email yet sidne? This sounds like one mom would like to read also.