Sunday, November 18, 2012

If I Can't Have You by Mary Morrison

If I Can't Have You. Madison, Loretta and Tisha. Girlfriends since kindergarten.  Today they are  attending the wedding of Tisha. At the wedding Madison makes an announcement that she has just become engaged to the city's most eligible bachelor, Chicago.  Loretta does not like this and confronts Madison about her decision.  During this conversation, things get a little heated between them. Madison feels she is the most gorgeous of the three, has the most trophy rings, and is better at handling men than the two of her friends, so Loretta offer a challenge to Madison. The challenge: Train the Mr. Granville Washington. Prove that you can train him.  Madison never backs down from a challenge when it comes to men.  At the time Loretta had been dating Granville and had called it off. He was to possessive among other things, lets say CRAZY as hell!!!  The winner: if Madison wins she would get Loretta house, if Loretta wins, Madison will have to call of the wedding to Chicago.  Now the story begins.

I definitely enjoyed this novel. It drove me crazy. You know how girlfriends can be with each other.  That damn Madison is a beast but  Integrity is not her strong point.
 Loretta is a great person but lacks confidence in herself when it comes to men. She loves hard and can't easily move on when the relationship ends. 
 Tisha, I don't know what to say about this woman. She divorces her  millionaire husband to marry her jobless high school sweetheart.  now wait a minute. This man did not pay for her ring or the wedding!!  WTH!!!!    Enjoyed the characters.  
This novel was written with each character telling their part.  I liked that. However, there was not a section from Tisha.  She was more of a side kick among the girlfriends. Nothing really going on with her life but I think the author could of given her a chapter with her thoughts on what was happening among her friends.  
Readers, Granville ain't no joke!! Chicago is the man you dream about.  
I love book cover designs, Its usually the first thing that attracts the reader to the book if the tittle dosen't. 
Book cover design: 3/5. the tag line was a great addition too.  
Now if you are a reader that choose not to read descriptive sex scenes and profanity, don't purchase this book. (then give it a bad review.)  If I Can't Have You sits on my book shelf as a Page Turner Read.     


  1. Wow these friends really made the stakes high! Wow! I'm curious to know who wins the bet.

  2. The characters sound so over the top!! Which can be a lot of fun to read about. I'm with you on the divorce, doesn't sound like a smart move!