Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holy Mayhem by Pat G. Walker

They’d been laid off, they’re broke, and their faith is really being tried. But dedicated Mount Kneel Down Church members Patience Kash and Joy Karry figure now is the perfect time to pursue their other true calling–becoming private detectives. And if that means putting up with their thug-wannabe cousin Porky’s delusions while hilariously interfering with their famous detective godson Percy’s investigations, it’s still a heaven-sent opportunity to hear all the town dirt and find customers…
When a thief steals the prized family Bible right out from under Porky’s nose and church funds are missing on Patience’s watch, these sisters-in-God find themselves sleuthing out the strangest family and church secrets–and up against someone more than ready to send them to their heavenly reward. Now, they’ll need their most inspired hunches, their not-real-fierce dog Felony, and their license-to-missionary to uncover the truth and crack this holy case…
They don’t have a clue but they’ve got plenty of faith!!!

Review: Colorful characters with names that makes you laugh.  This novel is full of humor!!  It makes for a good read.  I can't get over one of the characters that places his case notes in his grandma's treasured bible.  All the characters are delightfully written.   This novel is a Christian comedy that has a good story line while being entertaining.  The author delivers a great sense of humor in the book.  I did experience a few stalled moments but it did not deter me from continuing to finish the book.    
Book Cover:  May not have attracted me in the bookstore. However hearing about other novels from this author, I might have turned over to read the summary.  2/5 on book cover.   Holy Mayhem sits on my book shelf as a Darn Good Read.   


  1. This one sounds quirky and fun. Thanks for putting this on my radar. I can't imagine writing in my grandma's bible. Lol. She would get me good for that one.

  2. oh, her books always are full of laughter. I must get this one too.

  3. Sidne...come out and playyyyyy! Thanks for stopping by, it's been too long lady. Hope you are doing well and you had a wonderful holiday. Hope to see more of you around in the new year.

    I've read a book by this author before. While it was a decent read, there was so much going on that I was never compelled to try this author again. But it sounds as if her stories are still humorous.